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At Home Workouts


Below are a few effective workouts you can do in the comfort of your home. From Upper Body to Core, there are workouts for just about everyone!

For the workouts, begin with 1 set of 10 reps, 3 times per week (unless told otherwise) if you have never done these before. Determine the exercise dosage off of your current fitness level, but remember to never increase intensity (dosage and weight) more than 10% each week!


The video above presents some helpful, effective upper-body workouts you can do at home with the help of only one tool – a resistance band! The exercises are as follows:

1) Standing Rows
2) Shoulder External Rotation
3) Shoulder Internal Rotation
4) Bearhugs
5) Standing Abduction (Pull Aparts)
6) Bicep Curl
7) Drawing the Sword
9) Banded External Rotation (Open and Close) → Drivers → Wall Walks
10) Neck Strengthening


In the video above, Dr.Kaitlyn focuses on the lower-body, featuring a variety of techniques using resistance bands. The exercises included are:
1) Hip 4 Way – Flexion
2) Hip 4 Way – Abduction
3) Hip 4 Way – Extension
4) Hip 4 Way – Adduction
5) Crab Walks
6) Monster Walks
7) Banded Stars
8) TKE’s
9) Clamshells
10) Bridges


In the video above, Dr. Kaitlyn Iselborn presents some effective workouts for your core and lower back stabilization. The only equipment you need is a resistance band! The exercises featured are:
1) Walkouts
2) Twists
3) Pot Stirs
4) Birddog
5) Deadbug
6) Plank with lateral walks
7) Plank with arm walks


In the challenge above, Kara introduces the first of three workout from our week-long social media challenge – A Bodyweight Lower Body Workout. The exercises featured are:

1) Chair squats 3×10 Feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed forward, knees in line w/ toes, back straight, core tight. Sit hips back and lower down until you feel the chair underneath you. Then drive through the heels, squeezing glutes on the way up.
2) Squats with lateral leg raise 3×10 each leg Perform squat as noted above. Then raise one leg out to side using hip muscles. Squat again. Then raise the other leg. Repeat.
3) Reverse lunge with knee drive 3×10 each leg Step back with one leg & lower yourself down. Don’t hit knee on the ground, you may do a soft touch. It’s okay to use something for support. Knee in line with toe. Keep front foot flat and stand up. Use your core to drive back leg up. Return to standing.
4) Glute bridge 3×10 Lay down with heels about 6in from glutes. Keep core tight & pelvis in neutral position. Push through heels to lift hips off the ground. Do not arch back. Slowly lower hips down.
5) Side lying abduction 3×10 each leg Lay on your side on your elbow. Keep head to knees in straight line & bend knees to 90 degrees. Using core and hip muscles, lift hips off the ground and hold. Lift top leg up as high as it can go and slowly lower top leg back down, then repeat.
6) Calf raises 3×12 Raise heels off ground. Keep your laces forward. Don’t let ankles flare out. Nice and slow.
7) Burpees 3×8 Start standing, drop squat down and place hands on the ground. Jump back into plank position, jump back up into squatting position. Then perform squat jump.

Upper Body Workout

In the video above, Mitch, our Head Athletic Trainer, shares workout number two from our week-long social media challenge — an Upper Body Workout! The Exercises:
1) Chair Dips: 4×10
2) Bicep Curl to Overhead Press: 4×10
3) Pike Push Up: 4×10
4) Push Ups: 4×10 total — You can switch up your stances!
5) Plank with Reverse Fly: 4×10 each arm
6) Chest Flys: 4×10 each arm
7) TYI: 4×10
8) Bent Over Rows: 4×10

HIIT Workout

Nick, one of our Athletic Trainers, presents the final workout and challenge from our week-long social media challenge — a HIIT Workout!
The Exercises: Aim to go straight through this list in order listed and complete 4-5 rounds to get a full-body workout.
1) 10 Push Ups (chest + triceps)
2) Mountain Climbers 30 seconds (legs and lower abdominals)
3) Spiderman Climbers 20 reps each leg (shoulders + obliques)
4) Toe Taps on a Box (stairs or unused textbooks from college) (hip flexors +calves)
5) Burpee for 1 minute (Full-body)
6) Side to Side Lunges 45 seconds (lateral hip + groin stretching)
7) 25 Crunches (abdominals)
8) 20 V-Sit Ups (abdominals + hip flexors)