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More about Jacksonville’s Sports Recovery Annex

More than just an athletic training facility in Jacksonville, FL

Sports Recovery Annex is not just a therapy clinic, and we offer many services that can help our patients thrive. It is an honor for our staff to help people heal from their injuries, train for marathons, and so much more. We are all a family here at SRA!

Sports Recovery Annex is a walk-in sports recovery facility that provides everyday athletes and professionals access to state-of-the-art recovery tools and equipment once only available to Olympic athletes and the Pros. Recovery after training and competition will allow you to perform in your next competition or training session without being compromised by muscle soreness and/or fatigue. Recover to enhance your exercise performance. If you are a novice runner training to compete in your first 5K, weekend warrior working on your general fitness or an elite athlete looking to perform your best, the Sports Recovery Annex is the place to come to help you stay in the game and achieve your goals. Our highly trained sports medicine staff include nationally certified athletic trainers, board-certified physicians, and support staff all with the sole focus to help keep you injury-free so you can achieve your athletic goals.


Anti-Gravity Treadmill at Sports Recovery Annex

Rehab & Train with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill at Sports Recovery Annex

The Alter G, or the Anti- Gravity Treadmill at SRA, is one of our many tools that helps our patients live their life to the fullest. This machine calibrates your body weight at 100% and then decreases your body weight up to 20% of what you weigh. Patients with orthopedic injuries or neurological issues can use the Alter-G and get back to movement a lot quicker than if they did not use this machine.

Active Recovery For Runners: More Than An Oxymoron?

active recovery


Believe it or not, research shows that active recovery is the best way to keep your maintain your fitness on days off.  Active recovery, or cross training, is taking a break from your normal training regimen by doing another activity.  For instance, a football player may swim laps on his off day.  Working out instead of remaining completely sedentary has been shown to aid in recovery by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues and reducing the amount of atrophy that occurs to muscles even 24 hours post workout.


If you are training 5-6 days per week consider incorporating one of these workouts into your schedule.


1. Riding a Bike

Biking is a great way to actively recover without exhausting your body.  There’s less impact on your joints when biking as compared to running and depending upon the terrain you can increase the difficulty of the exercise.   If biking isn’t necessarily an activity you enjoy invite some friends to ride with you on a Saturday morning and make it a social event.  The miles will fly by and you’ll hardly notice the time.


active recovery

2. Running on the AlterG

The AlterG is a state of the art treadmill that uses NASA technology to decrease your body weight up to 20%.  For active recovery purposes, it’s best to set your body weight percentage at 85-90%.  Even this small decrease in weight relieves pressure on your ankles, knees, and hips while still allowing your body to go through the normal running motion.  Running on the AlterG even once a week can increase your speed and add to your mileage.

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3. Swimming

People tend to disregard swimming even though it’s fantastic whole body cardio exercise because it involves a little more preparation.   However, throwing a swimsuit and towel into your gym bag pales in comparison to the benefits of a 30-minute swim.  Swimming laps at an even pace adds to your oxygen capacity and is a resistance exercise for your upper body, which may get neglected during training.


So whether you’re training for your first 5k or your 20th marathon, remember to stay active on those off days!